Study the "Foreign"

Studying organizational structure of NAFTA and its negotiation. Local students seem to be more interested in EU, it struck me a bit that, NAFTA seems to have affected the latin america continent to a great scale, but why locals seem not to care?

and then I thought of myself, ASEAN / China issues also influence the regional stability and development, how much attention have I paid on them?

Maybe this kind of “strangeness” can inspire the motivation to study.

and I found it more pressurized to study here.
in a format of continuous assessment, there are always essays, tests, oh, man. it is a lot harsher than in HKU.

Despite the tight-schedule and high-pressure of grades, I like here. Students are open, expressive, eloquent, lectures are engaging. Or because I don’t care about the grades, so I slack on my writings and won’t need to pay any costs…

But I come here to learn. that’s why I am taking 3 demanding politics courses.
international negotiation and resolution/ international organization and institution/ Latin america scenario.

It is like a tutorial to my world history, to comprehend the present, you have to know more about the past. that’s why I am taking them. tho difficult/ chur/ I will get it done.

Partying so what? need to learn and grow.

still have one month for me to exploit. I will survive.
I know my bank account kinda suck….


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