Randomly videos about her appeared.
and the I could not stop listening…

Nina Simone

the one that has profound impact on me as a listener for the first time. 

Nina’s biography from Wiki

Nina’s official website

through the course of cultural, history  and society of Latin America, the professor said, Latin Americans don’t even acknowledge the existence of Black in their country. Black racial discrimination is kinda dark side of their race. they will feel pain when talking about it.

“well, probably it is even worse, we don’t even know they have existed here. we could not see them.” He said.

before coming to mexico, I know that Africa and Latin America is closely connected.
Cuba has the largest black population besides Africa.

As Aunt Ranee in Ghana said, as an extension of the Story of Slavery trade, she found that it is actually a triumph of human spirit. because of this, all the cultures meet with each other and connect. Which something contributing to the globalization present day.


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