很多功課,很多presentations, 很忙. 功課壓力排山倒海.

在上完negotiation後, 和本地的team mates交洽. paulina問我是否從日本來,

我苦笑, 中國. “I think I am suffering from identity crisis coz people will ask me if I either from Japan or Korean, but never Chinese.  “

她安慰道, “no, coz in our Asian-pacific culture, we learned that Chinese are Ugly, Japanese are beautiful. and I think you are beautiful, that’s why I asked you if you are from Japan. “

既驚又喜, 為什麼chinese are portrayed as being Ugly? why Japanese are portrayed as beautiful?

and The Tec is one of the most prestigious Universities in Mexico, her next generation’s perception towards Chinese are coined in such a way,  how wrong is that? how can it build a normal relationship with Chinese?

though could not help feeling the slightest  joy as being praised for being “beautiful.”.

but just learned that my two group mates need to work part-time to sustain their living expenses.

as discussed with Sangita previously, that the Tec is such a elite school, 有點像香港大學, 很多都是非富則貴的人, 而且比香港大學有過之而無不及,
當然, 這裏也一小撮很down-to-earth 的人.像是Paulina n Anaceli. (two group mates)
I like them. 班上有一大群的人都是來自”天上人間” 的學生, 可她們在班中討論時, 雄辯滔滔, prenatal deficiency in Social capital never underestimated their integrity and personality to stand themselves out.

她也快畢業了, 明年五月. 和我差不多. 所以雖然只是短談了幾句, 可是我已喜歡上這個女孩, 覺得是一個交得過的朋友. 


回家, 乘校車, 遇見了那個會塗潤唇膏的陽光男孩, Edward.
他說, Tec is a private University. It costs about 66,000 peso per semester. 40% of his tuition fee is from Scholarship, 40% from credit, and 20% from his parents.

he has to study hard to maintain the scholarship or else he needs to go back to his home city to study.

listening to his candid sharing, I was dumbfounded. while lots of international students are squandering their time money on partying/ traveling (including me sometimes), there are people who strive hard to maintain a place here.

but different situations, can’t compare. isn’t it the same in HKU?
international students spend time going LKF, traveling southeast Asia, there are lots of students struggling to get the both ends met.


and For the first time, I want to study hard here to get most out of it.


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