a poem from a Friend, somehow sums up how I felt  after one-week traveling

A little bit lost and a little bit blue,
Oh the things memories can do to you.

A little bit torn and a little bit used
Oh how the Present can feel like abuse

A little bit shaken and a little bit bruised
Oh how my Future seems constantly confused

剛開始了一個月的流浪, 可是有了旅行疲倦. 大概是因為每天起來,就到不同的景點去觀光朝聖, 然後回旅館.每天的一兩個 “must-go ” tourist spots, 可卻仍帶有一點的 “didn’t do much” 的心態,  should have done more., should get most out of it 的mentality, 這種人有點累. 或許習慣了香港的’趕’, 又或許是亞洲的速食文化, (和一個新加坡的女生一起浪游). 放慢腳步去過日子, 竟有點的不自在….旅行的意義…是一個很難答的問題.

想著未來, 想著前途, 心又有點的忐忑不安…


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