開始— Study Plan

我的GPA不高,不過,我想大概是我的study plan 寫得不錯, 再加上想去墨西哥的人不多, 所以, 我有機會exchange.

The Following is my Study Plan– explaining why I would like to go on exchange.

I want to go on exchange because it is a journey of self-refinement and self-growing, making me a better person and a better global citizen in turn.

To study in foreign country will broaden my horizon, which is a vital attribute in this increasingly globalised world. Due to the information technology advancement, information about the country can be obtained easily through the internet, why do we care to go there, especially taking the uncertainties and difficulties during the journey into account. as a Chinese saying goes to “walking through thousands miles of journey is better than reading thousands of books.”, going on exchange means to live in that country for a period of time, to actually live your life in a local way. All the encounters are real, which you can feel them with your senses, tracing back, and memories live vividly.

As a girl from underprivileged family, if not for the university programs, I will not have the opportunity to study aboard on self-financed basis. Life in Hong Kong is rather hectic and materialized. Through this exchange experience, to live in another life style, it is hoped that I can have better insights to my life and better vision towards my future career.

I especially want to do my exchange in Mexico.

First, it is a Latin American country, which is rather alienated to me (though it is the origin of the Swine Flu, with extensive news coverage.) I am a person who loves exploring new things and accepting challenges. The more sideway the journey, the more I will discover life (both others’ and mine) more. Human beings will be haunted by fear and worries in times of uncertainties. The strange land/ culture will enhance such phobia. I still remembered the very first days I immigrated to Hong Kong in 1999. Speaking neither English nor Cantonese, dressing in a rather old-fashioned way, people looked at me with sort of despise and peculiar expression. Such experience had humbled me down. Later on, I gradually learned how to live up to the famous quote from Eleanor Roosevelt—“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Besides, those unpleasant encounters were just a small portion of my life. Good and caring people definitely outnumber those cynic ones. Many people have inspired me to learn and live. Without them, I would not have been the present form of Wong Chau Nog. It has been ten years since my arrival. Now, I can speak both Cantonese and English fluently, attending the world-renowned university in Hong Kong. Of course, the three-month period in Mexico cannot be compared to the ten-year stay in Hong Kong. The reason for me to bring up this experience is that I am prepared to take up the challenges ahead and indeed, I will be greatly inspired in such encounters.

Moreover, as a student studying in politics, I can apply the learned comparative politics theories in to real life cases. Mexico is a developing country. The world regards the Latin countries as emerging economies in the next decades. Mexico’s precinct country Brazil, together with China, Russia and India are termed as the BRIC countries in the world’s economy. By studying and staying in Mexico, I will gain more cultural, economic and political understandings about the Latin countries. Subsequently, I can compare it with China. Knowing the commons and differences between them, I will have a better worldview. Knowing where I am footing, I can know where I am heading.

Additionally, I can learn Spanish in a more efficient and practical way. Both Mexico universities that I have applied to (Techologico De Monterrey and Universidad of Monterrey) offer Spanish courses for international students. There is a saying that “learning a language will give you another spirit.” It is because speaking another language opens the window of another world to you. Learning a language will simultaneously bring about the related-culture and way of life to you. Somewhat you will have another life. Though I have not learned Spanish before, that is the beauty of adventure. I remember one person who has been to Africa, told me “if you can overcome language barriers, then you can overcome everything during your stay in a strange land.” Just one semester exchange, I can acquire two kinds of philosophical knowledge in person. (Of course, to facilitate my learning, I will take a Spanish certificate course before I go on exchange.)

I believe the above-mentioned experiences and expected knowledge acquired will be internalized as my asset to benefit my future both career pursuit and living.

As an aspired journalist, I want to feature in the international news, that’s why I am taking politics and African Studies as my second major and minor. Having exchange experience in other countries will further develop my ability to make sense of the world and life. It is sincerely hoped that my application can be granted. It will be my great honor to be interviewed should there is such a need. Thank you for your attention.


2 thoughts on “開始— Study Plan

  1. Hi!
    I stumbled across your blog while doing some research for going on an exchange during university studies. I was so intrigued and could not help but to read every single blog post about your days of Mexico. Just want to leave a message because most of your posts got me pondering about a lot of things. And your experience went way beyond the cliches of what you gained from an overseas exchange. I enjoyed your blog very much! I really wish you would continue to update and wish you all the best and a happy person everyday!:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Janie. Thank you so much for your kind words. You have no idea how happy your comment has made me. Intrigued by your comments, I re-read those posts as well, after all, It has been 6 years. Wow, I was amazed by my then candidness and observations. Some of them actually made me blush. haha~ Hope it didn’t bring you any discomfort.

      There has been various twists and turns in life over the course of 6 years. I have evolved a lot as well, wish I could have jolted down as frequently as I did in Mexico. Thank you for your writing, I will try my best to write.

      I do encourage you to write / record during your exchange wherever you choose to go. Do send me a link if you ever blog, I’ll be following.

      Wish you all the best for the exchange application and have a fruitful journey. Be a happy person everyday. 🙂 xx


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