Abuse of Body

我想, 我是會早死的那類人.

好像是由中三開始, 已開始了日夜顛倒的生活. 因而也練就了無論何時何地都能入睡的功夫,列車上,人聲鼎沸中,燈光照射下…


但隨著年紀漸長, 應該用’老’來形容,開一晚夜車要睡很久才能復元.

曾經有朋友說, in terms of the abuse of body, there is no difference between athletics and prostitutes.

and the other friend was quoting her ex-lawyer boyfriend, ‘he said, he was prostituting himself to satisfy his clients.’

the intensity, no matter physical or intellectual, in the end, we are all abusing our bodies, if ‘abuse’ is the best word to describe such activities.


2 thoughts on “Abuse of Body

  1. interesting comparison. indeed, if prostituting simply means treating something merely as a means, we're prostituting ourselves all the time…no different from 'actual prostitutes'

    (though sometimes i'm not clear how people really distinguish between 'means' and 'ends')


  2. i don't know, when the thought first struck me, I immediately link them physically.

    abuse of body, sex workers over-fucked, the workaholic over-worked, all are suited on the common ground– the abuse of body.

    but then, yep.it really turns into the dichotomy between ends and means. when we first discussed, the main issue was that lots of Latin girls use their body to achieve what they want in a patriarchal society.

    then,the other friend was saying, her lawyer boyfriend was using his knowledge to serve others, not in a good way though…

    hmmm. I don't know.
    but why prostitute bears the negative connotations anyway?


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