In commemoration of Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

Even though years after, such images and stories are still profoundly heart-wrenching.
Pain, Suffering, Struggle, Carrying on, Giving up, Dehumanizing, Re-humanizing, Life, Death, Despair, Hope, Wounded, Healed, Simplicity, Love…

All these humble yourself down as a human and reflect on what it means to be a human….

Photos can be viewed by the following link :


6 thoughts on “In commemoration of Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

  1. I had the same problem, I am writing up for end-of-the-term papers, but I felt so dumb and so uninspiring, I procrastinated on visiting different blogs and pages…

    the more I read, the more I find myself ignorant…

    anyway, at least need to get the graduation certificate to graduate….


  2. okay. I lied, I didn't JUST start to find my notes useless (yeeh, not only PRETTY useless), the feeling has been there deeply rooted for some time. months already. I'm so sickened. I've wanted to QUIT.

    I don't think I have received much formal education from formal schools anyway. (med school is hardly a school I have to say, it's more like a prison – physical and even mental.) I think I self-learnt all the way through. but a very very bad student I am, to my own standard: haven't even learnt the first lesson of life i.e. to take up the responsibility of the things I've chosen myself(by yearning to quit now half-way).

    sigh. from time to time I just feeling so tired. 這種無力感真的很可怕。

    (sorry for the grunt, I can hardly stop it)


  3. hmmm, Yep, what I am called 'formal education' means it is institutionalized, you have to intake stuffs within a period of time, and then to pass by the standard test so that an official certificate can be given to show what you are qualified for…

    but yep, it's pretty depressing when doing things that we were once passionate about, and sadly, the weight of work, life, and daily routine have gradually eroded all the passion, and the worst thing is that, it seems too high of a cost to quit but to live with it. On the other hand, 身心皆疲, 是生活無力的表現.

    but well, this is LIFE AS WE KNOW IT.
    像一句潮語, “生活就像強姦,逃不了,只能學會享受.”

    肥鵝也需要正能量. 哈哈,聽雷樂叫慣了,開始接受自己是一隻又肥


  4. 🙂 and 😀

    那麼的話,我該是隻鴕鳥吧。all self-delusioned.

    I don't think I have ever got really passionate about anything that I am into (but rather, only those that I can't get into).

    “生活就像強姦,逃不了,只能學會享受.” –> 是啊說得真絕。假若這世上沒有底線 — 道德底線,個人承受力的底線,那該有多好。逆來順受,談何容易!

    互「呻」之,也互勉之 🙂


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