The calling from Poland

An Invitation

“WA WA WA WA WA WA WA WA WA WA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“WA” is not only an expression to show one’s excitement / surprises, but also an acronym for “World Assembly”.

On behalf of FES Hong Kong, I am inviting you to join a visit to Poland next July. It’s called IFES World Assembly 2011. Delegates (students and staff workers) from all FES movements around the world will be going to Poland during 23 July – 3 August 2011. FES Hong Kong is planning to send 5 delegates, and we would like to invite you to be one of them.

You can check out further details concerning WA 2011 here:
God bless,

The above invitation was received last November when I was having my exchange semester in Mexico. With mixed feelings of shock, surprise, humility, gratitude and honor, I would like to share the amazing journey with you.

About IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students)

IFES is a global community of indigenous student movements, called to engage the university with the good news of Jesus Christ. Currently there are more than 500,000 students involved in over 150 national movements worldwide. Its vision is to see students built into communities of disciples, transformed by the gospel impacting the university, the church and society for the glory of Christ.

Every four years, students, staff and board members from IFES student movements come together in celebration of what God is doing in campuses across the world.

Together these people represent the 136 member movements of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), as well as the groups in another 24 countries who work closely with IFES.

At World Assembly, the Fellowship worships together, reviews and plans for the future. It is a time for us to share with one another how God is at work through our movements. We will learn from one another and renew our vision for work of the global Fellowship, as well as our own ministry.

My connection with FES (Fellowship of Evangelical Students, HK)

It has all traced back to my secondary school years when I started to read one of the publications from the organization, entitled , which is to see the current world, including society phenomenon, film, music and news from a Christian point of view. Upon my high school graduation, there was a new recruit for the magazine writers. Without any hesitation, I sent my application. Therefore, I have been a contributor for the magazine since 2008. Currently, I am responsible for writing profiles to the column “Catch the Unique.”

Why do I want to participate in the WA? What do I aim to achieve?

What kind of profession should I go into? How would I live according to God’s will? The older I grow, the more unclear I feel in the face of such questions. With the notion that a switch of the environment may help me figure out the life calling, I decided to go on exchange in Mexico from August to December, 2010. Yet, upon my return, all the questions I have I did not answer there, even now, upon the university graduation, I am still finding the answer.

The invitation came in the right time. Despite being the final year student, I still have a summer class which will take place in July, to fulfill my graduation requirement. Unlike my fellow companions, rushing over the job-hunting process, I can still exploit the privilege of being a student for few more months. And the assembly fits into the perfect niche of time.

Daniel, the FES representative, wrote in his invitation email: “let’s see if this turns out to be a good timing/idea for your plan in God’s hand.

Of course, I did have hesitation upon accepting the invitation. It was like, “Whoa, participants of the WA are highly involved in student movements in Campus. Sadly, I am neither an active Christian in campus nor a spiritually advanced person. My attendance will mark an irony for the assembly. ”

With regard to my self-doubt, Daniel responded, “Knowing your life as a Christian is not bound by what you do in the Christian circle, but your life / being as a whole counts as well. And it’s really up to God to have the final say.

 At the same time, a quote from the IFES General Secretary has deeply moved my heart:

The time has come now to leave this place, to go into the world of our campuses dominated by religious pluralism, immorality, disillusionment, uncertainties. It is time to go now into our world that is being destroyed by humanity, by injustice, by social inequalities, but remember that it is Jesus who is sending us because he has already gone before us…

These were Daniel Bourdanné’s closing words at the end of World Assembly 2007 in Canada. It has captured the reality that we are living in, spoken the words from my heart. Despite the depiction of pressing reality, it has offered hope and power for us to carry on, reminding us of our purpose of existence in this world. They are just few sentences, but you can feel how profound impact the world assembly has on participants.

I hope I can attend the WA and have life-shattering or even life-altering experiences, such that I can have a better insight into life calling and share the concerns and connections gained in IFES World Assembly 2011 with other students in Hong Kong, to be more involved in the student movement.

Although feeling undeserved, with a humble heart to learn and live, I have accepted the invitation with great pride and honor. So I will be going to Poland to attend the IFES World Assembly 2011 from July 23 to August 3 this summer.

You Are Wanted

Brothers and Sisters, I would like to invite you to support me either spiritually or financially or both.

Please put me into your prayer:

  1. Please pray that the Holy Spirit resides with us, despite different backgrounds and occupations, there is a unity in diversity among the 5 delegates. (3 students from different universities and 2 FES staff)
  2. We can have an excellent time with delegates from other countries. Through fruitful exchange, we get to know more about God and His will.
  3. My job-hunting process upon graduation

Each delegate is expected to raise around: USD$ 2,500
Conference fees (per delegate): US$1,000
Air-ticket (per seat): USD $ 1,300-USD$ 1,500

You can make an offering by the following means:

  1. Crossed Cheque  titled payee as “Fellowship of Evangelical Students (H.K.) Ltd.”
  2. Direct deposit / transfer: Hang Seng Bank: 024-286-126024-002

HSBC: 004-108-074980-001 “Fellowship of Evangelical Students (H.K.) Ltd.”

Please state Support Chaunog To Attend WA 2011, together with your Name, Tel and Address on the back of the cheque / receipt, so a receipt can be sent to you as a proof for tax allowance (Hong Kong only)

Please send the cheque / banking receipt to the following address by May 30, 2011.

2/F, St. Andrew’s Christian Center, 138 Nathan Rd, Kln, Hong Kong.

Or alternatively, you can hand in Cash / Cheque / banking transaction receipt to me. Thank you!
Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me :

Email/ Facebook:

In Him,


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