Breaking Rules

it is known that students should submit their assignment on time, should try their best to learn and demonstrate what they have learned.

apparently, I am vary bad at following the rules.

so there are 3 deadlines to meet these few days, a feature story, a feature video, an end-of-the-term essay,
in the end, I broke all the deadlines.

Although the rule of hand-in-on-time stated strictly on the course outline and A mark deduction will be resulted as penalty. I did not care.

Somehow it reminded me what rules mean in Mexico.

No Alcohol beverage is allowed in student dormitory.  When a Czech Republic guy was holding a dinner gathering, We drank wine and beer publicly. But no one seemed to bother.

Then one of the attendees has made the remark:

“They have this and that kind of rules, but the interesting thing is, if you break it, nothing will happen.”

I am not applying the lesson learned here. I have been notorious for breaking the deadlines. sometimes, I get punished, but most of the time, I get away from it.

just randomly remembered such event, randomly making connections between the past and present.

Damn, I miss Mexico, and Yes, I am little bit afraid of the future uncertainty.

I won’t have rule-breaking courage / privilege once enter the working field.

arghhhh !!!!

so, I was justifying for my deadline-breaking…


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