"A Centenary Dialogue with Aung San Suu Kyi 港大‧昂山素姬‧百年‧對話"

It is just really amazing to attend the event “A Centenary Dialogue with Aung San Suu Kyi” it is a live web camera conversation between Suu Kyi and the HK public.
She has the amazing ability to maintain a clear mind within the muddy, murky world.
The following will be the sort-of summary with regard to dialogue between Suu Kyi and the HK public. (of course, it is selective and indirect quotes are used, even filled with my personal subjectivity.) nonetheless, it is still worth of noting it down.
Q1: looking at the Current partnership between China and Burma, Iran, if the world has become safer for the authoritarian
A1: leaders want to get the respect from their people; in fact, everybody wanted to be respected, so it will convey a sense to the leader to put the welfare of the people at their top governance priority.
Q2:How do you keep your faith and keep you mind?
A2: discipline is very important. In times of hardship, people still lead a discipline life will regain their strength and have their vision-re-affirmed.
Q3: What’s the biggest Challenge human rights?
A3. The establishment of rule of law, which means to have independent judiciary.
Q4: IHT reporter asked, Suu Kyi has been traveling around the country since her release, has she got the security assurance? What next? Where? When ?
A4: she is not particularly assured with her security, it is the duty of the government to protect its citizens.
Q5: what’d you say to Liu xiao Bo those freedom fighter?
A5: China is a great country, its people are great, Chinese government can afford to open the door to citizens, and to all different voices.
Q6: how to make the military men give up their grip on power?
A6: it is our responsibility to get them give up, to let them know it is at their best interest to do so.
Q7: what’s her side on the US and China, in the end ‘we all have to take sides.’
A7. I’d take side on Human Rights. there is no dichotomy between the US and China.
Q8: What makes you happy?
A8. Small things will make me happy.
Q9: what’s your messages to the Burmese refugees overseas?
A9. Between Refugee camps and overseas, life is hard for refugees, though different. Just cope with it. Challenges are interesting, they help you to become a stronger person. Most of the time, it is the self-fear that destroys us. So we need to learn how to be free from fear, free from self-free.
Q10: Views on decline of the US and the Rise of China
A10. China has made an impressive economic progress. But you can’t ignore the social problem. For example, the human trafficking is serious in Northern Burma, because Chinese Men need women. The democracy is not the best system, but under the system people have ways and means to solve problems.
Q11: Suu Kyi said at the beginning all the categorization of human beings such as good and evil, wrong and right is not of use, yet to her, human beings can be only divided into learners and non-learners.
So how does this categorization apply to the military authoritarian in Burma?
A11. Well, they are slow learners. Citizens have the responsibility to help them learn faster. We have to learn what we are capable of as  human beings. We learn from life and help others to learn from life. 

Q12: On education becomes governmental papaganda.

A12:“Education should be a true learning process, not a machine for churning out meek, obedient people incapable of reasoning why justice and liberty should not be the birthright of all human beings”

of course, there are still few, but I could not jolt down. 
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