I don’t know if it is right for me to say that diaspora is a global phenomenon.

Israeli diaspora, then think of China, chinese diaspora is widespread, then you think of Africa…
think of Polish…

Went for a refugee day celebration party.

A band was there, they were telling that Gypsy Diaspora.

and Flamingo is said to be created by Gypsies in a way to escape the pressing reality.

Music without boarder, it is a form of salvation as well.

The Guitarist has been changed to a young German.
Interestingly Enough, he is a junior from the HKU journalism.

He said he was taking a gap year, just staying in HK without going to school, He even harbored the idea of dropping out of the program.

He just found it very empty, boring, uninspiring, that sort of existentialism.

He didn’t like his hometown in Germany. public school is a shit, people have nothing to do.

“some of my friends are ok with the plain life. But not me.”

So with a simple reason, unhappy about the condition, about life there, he just left.
again, he didn’t satisfy with the Uni, he gave up.

interesting. pretty magic.


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