Randomly, Tom MaRae pops up in my mind.
so a little bit of Melancholy, a little bit of insure, in the face of future, in the face of all flash-and-blood competition, drives, the self-doubt sets in. Yet the faint voice within telling me to dream big, there is a whole lot of a big, wild world for me to explore.

Last year, I was interning in Wen Wei Pao, I was flying to Ghana. I learned the pathetic history of the African continent, of course finding the triumph of human spirits over the slavery trade, over the corruption, over the tribal fights.

Tom Mcrae was the best company over the course of stay.

Right now, anticipating the trip to Poland, the 2-month traveling later on, there is something parallel to the state of mind when I was in Ghana.

a bit surreal, a bit tiresome, a bit insecure, a bit marveled by the arrangement that God has lied for me…

and in times, music provides the best condolence.


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