First Video On Papua New Guinea

During my second winter break in the UNI education, together with 4 other people, including an independent filmmaker, a writer, and 2 other students, we conducted a 5-week traveling and film making journey to Papua New Guinea, which is less traveled yet one of most bio-diverse countries in the world.

It is a pacific Island country. It has been colonized by Australia.

Upon our arrival, we stayed in a middle class family in Papua New Guinea.
The couple are police officers. As polygamy is allowed in PNG, this is Ape’s (the husband) second marriage.

Rural-urban Migration is a phenomena in many developing countries, PNG is of no exception. Both Ape and his wife are rural migrants, to seek better job opportunity in the Capital, Port Moseby.

As they know that we are going to stay in their family, they prepare us a big dinner, with chicken included. Vegetables and yam are typical dishes in PNG. They also use Coconut milk to cook the rice.

So from the afternoon till the night falls, it takes few hours to prepare the dinner. Due to the hot weather, we eat outside the house.

This is Ape’s eldest daughter singing.

The video showed our very first meal in Papua New Guinea. Around 90% population are Christian. Many are raised to be Christian. From the song, you can see this is a Gospel song.


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