Happiness Transfer (2)


In previous article, Happiness Transfer (1) I shared the story of  Dawid, my Katowice host. There is an anecdote for our encounter.

He accompanied me to take the airport bus the next day.  While we were waiting for the bus, he took out a red card from his wallet and handed it to me.  There are few golden strokes on the card. He told me it symbolized happiness because it had been blessed by his aunt who practiced witchcraft.  Knowing his depressive nature, his aunt gave him the card as an attempt to cheer him up.

I was left speechless by his act. He told me that he could not understand happiness, he always finds himself locked in the dark side of life.  And I told him, I am happy most of the time, and happiness can be felt even in tiny, little things, a coffee, a book, a walk, a talk, a hug…

Isn’t it ironic? A man in constant / perceptual agony of life gives his blessings to a seemingly-happy girl?

I accepted it as he is so determined and so sincere, afraid that objection would add to his unhappy state of mind.

Berlin Reunion 

The world is increasingly small and couchsurfing is one of the contributors. It is not only an economical way to travel but also an enriching experience as it allows meaningful cultural and life exchanges.

My couch host in Wroclaw, Poland simultaneously hosted me and another Berlin-based Italian guy. When I took the train from Berlin to Poznan, Poland, the Italian guy saved me from being homeless in Berlin. 

How small the world it is ! Right?

The Italian host 28-year-old, He studied and lived in Berlin for the past 8 years.  He just finished his Master in Language and Culture, Expert in Italiano, German, fluent in Spanish, Russian, Polish and English. He would like to go for PhD in Linguistic and work his way up to be a professor. Currently, he is working as a customer officer in a Museum in Berlin. 

Happiness Transferred 

He was telling me that he had good chats with a Brazilian guy in Copenhagen, about life, about happiness. That encountered has impacted his outlook of life —be more easygoing, contented with what he has.

“Are you happy?”  I asked.

“Well, nothing to complain. But if there are things I’d like to add, I guess I need a girl and a stable job.” He said.

The topic of happiness made me think of Dawid’s stories, so I told him about Dawid and the red card he gave me.

After my sharing, he said in a half joking way, “well, you are a happy and positive person. This card won’t serve much of its function to you. I will need it more than you do.”

I nodded. The next day, I placed the card with a note before I left. ( He left for work rather early.)

I transferred my blessings to this grumpy and somewhat lonely gringo in Germany when I left his flat.

Happiness is only REAL when shared. And Give shall be given. 😀

The Red Card and the Note



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