The Most Wanted Man in Papua New Guinea


back in Christmas in 2009,  together with a group of passionate filmmakers, we conducted 5-week trekking in Papua New Guinea. That was the first time for me to travel abroad. It has been a life shattering experience for me. Coming back, a friend of mine commented, ” If you can survive in Papua New Guinea, you can go anywhere from there.”  Time to tell the stories untold.
When we visited Dikanel village in Goroka, We met the most wanted man in PNG. Let’s name his as Robin Hood.
He has involved quite few cases of robbery, killings, prison breaks, gradually made name for himself as the Most Wanted man in PNG.

The law and order in PNG is rather chaotic and disfunctioning since people still put the interest of their tribes over the nation although they may work as civil servants.

Tribal life is hard, there is no access to what metropolitans like us regard as basic life needs, such as tapped water, electricity, education, so adult men try to make a life in the cities. yet without education, connections, at the end, they usually end up with a nasty lifestyle, robbery, killings and being jailed.

Robin Hood and His family
Robin Hood and His family

As the number of prisoners have reached to the prison quota, the police are not well-trained, prison breaks occur very frequently. Robin Hood has escaped from his imprisonment for three times. Now he is seeking refuge in his tribe, which Police can do little about it.

We spoke to him just like an ordinary people. He is just a husband, a father. Life is hard, life has made him hard.

At the end of the day, what the most wanted man wants is to bring food and comfort to home, but it is proven to be a lot harder than expected.


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