How indians think of Nepalis

When I was walking around Deshnoke market area, I was always mistaken as a Nepali. According to my host, many Nepalis came to India for jobs, they were regarded second-class citizens in India. Some indians even held hostility against them because they took away jobs and dragged down the wage.

On the other hand, my host also said that due to the imbalanced male-to-female ratio, many indian men could not get a wife, so they even bought wife from the market. Human trafficking is an issue in the west bangal, many Nepali women have been trafficked to India.

According to his knowledge, about 500 men out of 5,000 in Deshnoke town could not get married albeit reaching way beyond their marriageable age. ( 30+ coz Indians usually get married around 24., especially in small village town like Deshnoke.)

The tea store in Deshnoke
The tea store in Deshnoke

One of many things that I like about India is that they have tea / coffee stores everywhere and the vendor prepares your tea upon request, so you have the hot fresh tea/ coffee.

I was having my coffee in this store previously. After I finished my tea, I found that I forgot my wallet. Despite the langue barrier, I managed to tell the vendor that I would come back to pay coz I forgot my money. They allowed me to do so without having me to put down any of my belongings as Collaterals. Before I left Deshnoke, I had my last coffee here as a gesture of gratitude.

They treated me with a local cigarette.
They treated me with a local cigarette.

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