What-Makes-You-Happy Project (8): Edo, Italy

I got to meet Edo through my Second couch host in Auroville. He was fed up with the so-called modernity and cosmopolitan life in Italy when he was 16/ 17. He grabbed the opportunity to come to Auroville, India, to serve.

In the beginning, he hardly spoke English. With the help from other villagers in Auroville, he started from scratch. Now he speaks fluent English, working as an English teacher in a community school. He also coaches children to play football. After witnessing his transformation, his family also decided to move to live in Auroville.

During his spare time, he is cooperating with other musicians in Auroaville to establish a band.

He brought me to the first jamming session.

Auroville Band 3 

Auroville Band 2 

Auroville Band 1 

Needless to mention that, he has a passion for photography. His artworks can be viewed at


In the end, he said we should seek for a deeper happiness, when I asked about what “A Deeper Happiness” means, he refused to crystalize in  words.


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