What-Makes-You-Happy Project (11): Joanna, America

When you are so passionate about something and want to get it done, it will move people around you to help you achieve it.

I was a bit indetermine when I first started the what-makes-you-happy project. Yet, when I started traveling alone in Auroville, I told people about my vision of the project. They are amazed and become more passionate than I am to get more interviews.

It feels good when you are encouraged and supported. The Auroville experience has been a great boost to my confidence in the pursuit of my own goal. Yes, having a goal to achieve and gradually making it into a reality makes life a lot easier to carry on.

So my host’s friend Edo brought me to the Sadhana Forest community in Auroville. IT is volunteer community where hundreds of volunteers from around the world work there, live a life of simplicity. From there, I have done quite few interviews.


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