What-Makes-You-Happy Project(15): Harsh, India

Harsh has connected me with four other volunteers from Sadhana Forest in Auroville to conduct the what-makes-you-happy project. (See the interviews from 11-14).

It always feels good when you are encouraged to realize your dream. He even proposed to have a screening of the film in their community house.

Harsh used to work in finance industry, (to be more specific, a financial analyst in Deloitte in NY). Few years of working has burned him out. He quitted his job and moved back to India. He is working as a long-term volunteer in the forest as a form of self salvation and atonement. As a passionate writer, he is freelancing for a prominent lifestyle magazine in India.

It is never too late to find out what you truly want in life, and once you find it, life has never been sweeter. 🙂

I like the way he defines happiness. “when you have no fears, when you have faith in your strengths and hope to conquer your disabilities.”

Although he shared fulfilling his duties and responsibilities made him happy  as the interviewee 14, Shekhar did,  but the prerequisite of the happiness makes a great difference. “Being Contented with” .

Learning how to be contented with fulfilling our roles and duties at the expanse of personal goal compromised is a way to achieve happiness.


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