What-Makes-You-Happy Project (20-22): Sunrise Party Participants

When I was in Auroville, I couchsurfed in a permafarm, which is an open community, receives worldwide volunteers and visitors all year round. Therefore, I get to know different awesome, cool ‘freaks’ during my stay, including interviewee 1, Martin from France and interviewee 2, Neetu, from Bangalore.

Wasin drops by occasionally. He is that type of artistic, carefree and loyal hippie friend you would treasure for the rest of your life. He used to work as a graphic designer in Bangalore. Then he got fed up with the cosmopolitan city lifestyle few years back, he moved to Auroville to start anew. Currently, he designs and makes his own leather bags for sale as well as doing some freelance jobs for a living.

There is a sunrise party on the pondicherry beach where few famous DJs from south India gather together to chair the overnight party during my stay.

Wasin knows the organizers so he can reserve few free tickets for his friends. (Originally it costs 1500 rupees for guys and 1000 for girls.) I tagged along.

Wasin’s architect friends bring few architect student interns to the party. Before the party starts, I get to interview few.

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