What-Makes-You-Happy Project (23): Snehal, India

Snehal is the owner of the permafarm, Sapney Farm in Auroville. He accepted my couchsurfing request even though he was away.

He used to work and live in England as a graphic designer. While searching a better education system for his twin children in the UK, he found auroville, which provides alternative learning methods compared to the traditional crammed rote learning.  So he decided to move to Auroville.  He used his saving to buy one acre of land in auroville, which used to experiment perma farming.

He also runs a cafe in auroville town where different cultural events and discussion forums will take place.

He is a visionary, passionate about making a difference in the world. He invests a lot of money in the farm whilst little or negative returns can be expected. Now he is doing some freelance graphic design projects to earn money. The day before I left Auroville, we had a short chat.

He said he was attending a conference in Bangalore, he met a university lecturer, who invited him to introduce permaculture in the campus.  (Note: Bangalore is a technological hub with a proper green town planning. There will be green belts between industrial buildings.)

“Managing lawn requires a lot of water. Why not grow some fruits and vegetables?  It is less energy-consuming and employees can have fresh fruits and vegetables to bring home for food. If the university project is executed successfully, we can use it as an example to talk to those CEOs of big corporations, and help them to a have better town planning.” Snehal said ambitiously.

He is charismatic.

But the long-term volunteer Martin said to me once, ” Snehal is very good at preaching new ideas, but he can’t get the work done. He seldom works on the farm. But well, the world needs this kind of dream-talkers.”

The following will be what Snehal has written on his Couchsurfing:

This days I am feeling more fulfilling with my life and I have came to a little more understanding why I am what I am!

I feel fortunate to be involved in ‘Heal The Soil’ project which started in the beginning of 2011, its been wonderful journey working with soil and learning from farmers and sharing the same with village communities members through ‘village kitchen garden project. Join me and get your hands dirty!

Apart from seeds and soil, I like playing with ideas, experimenting new ways, experiencing the unexperienced. I love designing, graphics, interior, green businesses and above all food designing!

World Music is always good for me anytime.
I like people who are transparent and talk to the point, turning-n-twisting is not my thing.

Religion & Politics are my favorite subjects NEVER to get into, I have much more things to do in life contributing towards solutions rather than sitting on my S and trying to change the world with words!.

I have an ever lasting affair with Ms. Failure, she teaches me everything which I never found in the books.

I do not believe in perfection, being perfect is like being dead, who wants to be perfect and die? not me 😉

I prefer to live life at the fullest.
I love to meet people from all walks of life and learn from them and share with them small things about life, experiences, understanding, different perspectives.

I am on a chocolate binge this days, come and grab a bite with me!”

If you want to know more about permaculture or Sapney farm, please go to the following website:
Heal The Soil Project, Auroville 


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