What-Makes-You-Happy-Project(26): Moe’s Father

My first couch host in Bangalore is a pair of sweet and giving couple, Moe and Rosh. They live in a relatively newly developed apartment complex.

Moe’s parents live in another building within the same apartment complex.

Before I switched to my second couch host’s home, they brought me to visit their parents and dinner afterwards.

Moe is very passionate in helping me to develop my what-makes-you-happy project. He suggested I should interview his father when he opened the door. With such a sweet consent, I did it.

According to Moe, his grandparents moved to Bangalore from the Pakistan-India boarder town during the turbulent time of India-Pakistan partition. They started from scratch in a completely new city, and gradually moved their way up. Of course, they are a lot better off now.

His father used to work as a computer engineer. His work has brought him to travel around the world. Now he has retired.

I like speaking to his father, a very soft-spoken and wise man.

“After two years of struggling, I finally come to terms with retirement.” Uncle said. “Before retirement, you live a prescribed life. When you wake up, you have prescribed roles and responsibilities to fulfil, you don’t have to think, just to live accordingly. After retirement, suddenly, you are free, free to do whatever you want to do. You don’t know what to do with the complete freedom. You just feel empty, useless, and restless.  ” he paused.

“That’s how you start to live life. You started to plan a lot of activities to fill your free time. But that’s tiring and frustrating. Now we don’t plan. We wake up. We do whatever we feel like to do. Maybe just to read a book, or visit a friend, or go on walking.” He smiled.

He said he originally wanted to buy three apartments in the same apartment complex, one for him and his wife, one for Moe and Rosh and one for his elder son, who lives and works in the USA.

“So we can take care of each other. But my elder son doesn’t want to come back, he prefers to live in the USA. It’s ok if that’s what he likes. He is a grown up and should make choice for his life.” He said.

I enjoyed the dinner a lot. When I left, they even asked me when I would return coz I have a family in Bangalore. “Maybe 10 years?” I suggested.

“Ok, we’ll see you in 10 years. But whenever you visit Bangalore, you are welcome home.” He said.

What a sweet and warm promise. 🙂


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