The Beginning

The day I left for Malaysia in May. All of a sudden, the weather changed, It rained heavily.

After slacking for so long, I finally kick my lazy butt to write up my travelogue. To crystalize thoughts into words is a process of self understanding, discovery and salvation. So here I am.

Photo-taking obsession 

People would have the general impression of Asian tourists that they take too many photos. I hate being categorised in that catalogue, coz that sounds a lack of uniqueness. Quite often,  I purposefully restrain myself from taking photos when there are travellers from different continents around to avoid falling into such generalisation.

Yet, while I was browsing photos taken along the journey, I am glad I take photos whenever I feel like to, even though they are just trivialities in life, like raindrops on the window, a road sight, a child sipping coconut milk etc. They are wonderful reminders of what I have done, whom I have met, how I have felt during the journey, especially when I don’t keep a proper traveling diary along the road. Photos capture the moment, then become a powerful tool of nostalgia. Whenever you look at it, past memories are recalled.

Traveling decision 

N’way. Here I am. Back in may 2013, I quitted my job as a business reporter. As soon as I left my job,  I embarked my journey. Literally, I flew out of Hong Kong the next day of my last working day.

It was a heartbroken breakup. During the last few months of working, I felt so bad and screwed. I didn’t feel fit in, I was isolated, there were so many back-stabbing incidents. I felt betrayed. All myself were fallen into pieces. I didn’t know what to deal with my life. All I knew was that I needed a break to clear my mind and got refreshed. Traveling to other places and letting myself absorbed in new cultures will help.

Malaysia has just ended its election, that was the first time for the opposition party to win the general election since independence from Britain in 1957. Then news about the vote-riggning and vote-buying occupied news headlines, even in Hong Kong. Malaysians were taking actions to ask for a change, for democracy. Newspapers termed it as “Jasmine Revolution” in Asia.  Therefore I decided to go to Penang, Malaysia, as my first stop.


My flight was delayed for one day. The next day, I almost missed it due to confusing information. Even the customer helper gave me the wrong message, saying that it was further postponed to 2:30 PM. (It supposed to take off at 1230.)

Then I double checked with the airline customer personnel.  It turned out the flight was on time, and was about to close the gate in 15 minutes. I dashed to the gate. Phew, I made it !

TV screen shows real time situation outside the flight

It rained heavily when the flight took off.  I felt a bit sentimental. It reminded me three years ago, I went to Mexico for an exchange semester. I didn’t apply for the US visa even though I was just in transit at the Los Angeles airport. I got denied onboard. I had to stay behind to get my US visa done before embarking my journey again, meaning I had to buy another outward bound ticket. I broke down on the spot. All at a loss, I sat on the bench and cried for half an hour, then gradually recollected myself to move on.

The day I left for Mexico, it rained heavily again. It is funny how similar events take place in life again and again. Sometimes, I have delusion about the concept of time. It is like waking up from a nightmare in the middle of the night, from a momentary confusion, you don’t know where you are, you sweat, panic and then gradually have the grasp of the reality again.

Those were the days. The night before I left for Mexico, HK rained heavily.
Those were the days. The night before I left for Mexico, HK rained heavily.

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