What-Makes-You-Happy Project(29): Rosh, India

Rosh is also my first Bangalore host. The interviewee (28) Moe , is her husband.

Rosh is a very understanding, independent and intelligent person. She works as a system engineer in another technology company.

According to Moe, Rosh is from a rich family. Her relatives spread all over the world, including Hong Kong, USA, Africa, Middle East.  ( As Rosh’s family was originally from India-Pakistan boarder town, their family moved / migrated to other states/ countries during the  India-Pakistan partition.)

Rosh spent her first 10 years living in Nigeria because her father had a business there. As the political situation became intense in Nigeria, her family decided to move back to India.

Her father is a property developer in Bangalore. He buys land from farmers.  Rosh said it is a sad reality that when farmers receive the money, they squander it, buying fancy cars and cloths, drinks. Few years later, as they have used up the money while the land value has gone up due to the development. They would come to her father, called him cheater and demanded more money.

“My father has told them to use the money wisely, buy a new house, have proper investment when handing money to them. They don’t listen. At first, seeing their desolate situation, my father did give more money to them. But they just squandered it again, later came back to ask for more. Now, my father doesn’t do that  anymore, even though they file law suits against him. They can’t do anything.” Rosh said.

She likes reading and writing. She said she wanted to write a fiction in the future. She is very reflective.

As we visited Moe’s parents, they would discuss the movie we watched last night with Untie and Uncle, citing how similar Greek culture is to Indian Culture, then roll on to the topic of functions of a society.

It is the warmest couchsurfing experience I have had in India.


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