Confession Series 1

“Have you cheated on your wife?” I asked as we walked along the promenade. 


“Well…” he bowed,  lowered his voice, “ It is not proud to admit, I did.” After a pause,  he continued, “she just gave birth to our son, first-time mom, her attention is all on our son. I was’t used to it. I wanted sex, but she wasn’t interested in it.  It caused a lot tensions between us.  We fought a lot.  hmmm… I am a super foodie, let me explain it through food :

” A boy always goes home to have dinner.  One day, when he returns home, there is no dinner. He finds it annoyed but tolerates it. After a few times,  he starts to argue with the family about why there is no dinner. Then the family tries to reason with him why there is no dinner, but the boy is still very hungry yet he can’t let the family disintegrate. so instead of going home with an empty stomach, the boy thinks why not having some snacks along the way home? Maybe a hamburger in McDonald’s. He does. Therefore, when the boy goes home, although there is no dinner, he is physically satisfied, the tension / anger inside him has been relieved. The family goes back to the normal. That said, having snacks makes the boy realise how good and tasteful home dinner actually is.”

He paused, “I am not excusing myself or it might sound ridiculous — Cheating actually saved my family. Having extra-marital affairs actually makes me realise why I love my wife at the first place.”
“Did I shock you? I know many people  would  find it uncomfortable when comes to topics like this.” He asked.

“No, as a journalist and storyteller, I always find life is the greatest fiction that never fails to fascinate me.” I responded. 


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